Saturday, May 08, 2010

A Tide Of Change

I've been feeling... emotionally better lately. No, I haven't found a new love interest... wait... maybe I'm re-discovering the love for me.

I am sexy, beautiful, talented, capable and most

These should all count for something... I'm a catch...waiting for my fisherman .. hahaha.

I had my first class today. I felt weird as the teacher kept talking about "your parents paying for this class"... there was some guy there who seemed to be in his late 30's early 40's who's mother did pay for his class...and he openly says it. I think to myself... "teacher? can you stop saying or implying our parents paid for this? cause I'm actually going behind my parents back to do this." I don't live in a happy bappy family where my parents would pamper me. They never have... my dad signed my sister up for some driving lessons, I think my brother received some as well...but not for me ( I'm always the one left out ).

After class I head over to metro, to chapters to buy a series of books. Life changing books. I'm not bothered about how much I shelled out for them, cause I know they are all towards a better way of living and thinking from here on out. Changing my life and filling it with more love. Changing my diet, for a better health. Changing my way of thoughts to strive for more success and happiness.

Books Bought:
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.
The Secret.
The Abs Diet For Women.
Love As A Way of Life.

I'm feeling more inspired lately... Like I'm ready to paint again soon. When I do... I know it will be beautiful. The question now is... what shall I paint.

I'm feeling so happy.

Oh... Hugh, an acquaintance someone I've actually known for a while now was able to help me get a location to perhaps put on my first art show... :) now I have to check out the venue and talk to the owner to see if the months ahead... are bringing more change. I'm so glad to have such great people in my life... thank you friends...and family who have always been by me.
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