Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's Saturday?

OMG it's Saturday and I missed a day of blogging ... where have my days gone to?
I'm tired so I'm going to make this a short summary.

Yesterday after work I made my way from work to see my little baby nephew. Only to find out when I show up he's not there and watched a movie with my sister as I await his return. Yesterday seems as though was my "break day." eating foods I shouldn't have. I watched Sherlock Holmes. It was actually very good. Filmed very well. I get home and I have to work. We has a bit of a deadline and I end up working like 2 hours trying to figure out what was wrong with some migrations of a site.

This morning I basked and gave thanks for wearing a dress :) a new dress. Although it did make me feel like one of those waitresses / hostess at some restaurant like "The Keg". Driving school. Very educational, although making me a bit apprehensive about being horn happy by the end of it all. I take a break and have lunch in the sushi restaurant on the ground floor of our building. As I sat there, now used to eating alone in restaurants, I felt a sense of...I'm alright on my own.

But then you know when you are on your own, you always get that sense of ... I feel lonely to accompany it. After class I head downtown to meet up with someone at a bar and lounge to check out the venue for placing some artwork up. Me being me, has lots of ideas with a place that screams potential. Currently looking up all the images to send over that are all ready asap. After work I meet up with Nicki, he'd just spent the morning - afternoon attending a funeral. I could only do my best as a friend to keep him company and chill with him. We ended up watching a movie called The Legion. I wish the story was stronger, it was kind of creepy though.

I'm a bit tired. From running around all day time to see if I can go get a movie and read up some more...currently composing an archive of available artwork to show.
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