Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Little Piece Of Me

I filmed this the other night. Edited together. And thought long and hard about if I should put this video out at all. I don't want to give people the wrong impression. But then I think about the things that many of us do each day or things we don't do each day. How many people do reflect back on their actions? How many live and do things for a reason? I have my reasons and here's just one story of why I do what I do ... and that is play roller hockey. I can come across many people in my life. But my biggest question I fear to ask is... will you ever meet another like me again? ... I don't ask because I know...everyone is different. Everyone is to each their own. I am unique because every one is unique. Not one person is exactly the same as another, not even twins.

This story of Mia, I've told a handful of times but now it's on video... it will be watched by hundreds...maybe thousands one day...maybe tens of thousands someday. But my word will continue on and be stronger for that more and more people know.

I am who I am... and like my date that said the other night. "It shouldn't matter what others say about you, just keep on being you."

I am... and I will.
This is a little piece of me.
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