Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A treasure hunt where I throw out the treasure

Yesterday was like any other work day- more busy this summer than expected. Really I thought it would be a breeze - but the updates kept rolling in.

Personal clients are contacting me again for work and I don't know how to respond to one of them. Basically she overdue in her invoice charge. Other clients I don't mind but if something is overdue and you expect more work from me. It's feels a little out of line. No one lives off negative income.

I leave work around 4:28 and by the time I get to the skytrain it's a little past 4:40 and I wonder if CC has peed in the house. When I got to my stop and walked towards my bus stop I noticed one of the alternative buses I take has relocated stops temporarily and is already boarding. I obviously catch this bus home - although the walk home is longer - it's good exercise. On my way home I realize I forgot my lunch which was meant to be partly dinner at work. I had gone to urban fare and got a meatloaf and couscous salad. I guess it will be lunch for the next day. I get home and CC is sleeping. I leave the door open as I out him outside and let him wander. He returns quickly, I think he's a bit afraid I'd leave him. :( that makes me so sad. He follows me as I clean. I clear just about a bin full of stuff from the kitchen and game room and dining room area. I've come to realize when I clean I should look at it like a treasure hunt. Except my treasure is recycling goods and I don't keep it - I throw the treasure out. But the hunt for these hidden items feels like a treasure hunt. Hahaha. I'm just saying.

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night . SYL
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