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The Fifteenth Day - Date#1

All of this will seem like a crazy story as I try to recall everything that happened. Perhaps this is just that - a crazy story. Did it really happen? - beats me... We'll just have to see.
Date#1 - Bus Stop
We had agreed to meet at Joyce station - we had been communicating for how many days?... I don't remember. Today would be the first day we meet in person on our first date. He had instructed I bring a pair of sandals and an extra change of clothes for if the day took a toll on me. My grey bag seemed a bit bigger now at the station than when I started to pack it. Maybe it's the camera and camcorder. Something tells me this should be one to remember. It's so sunny the weather is a cool warm - you know one of those days where there is hardly a cloud in the sky, the air is warm but the breeze is cool. The kind of weather great summer days are made of. I arrive a little earlier than expected - about 15-20 mins. I had messaged him and he said he was on his way. As I texted him to tell him where I stood I looked up to find beside me just about less than a foot away was an old lady. It was eerie strange that she was so close to me, I had to move now cause the uncomfortable closeness to a stranger kind of weirded me out. Even though I had told him where I was standing. I then moved under a small tree by some newspaper vending machines? Now I come to think about it - what are those things called?! - sorry I shouldn't get side tracked.

He arrives and gets out of his car to walk up to me and greet me with a light hug. After he walks me to the car, he opens and holds the door open for me as I got into the car ( +1 ). He asks if I'm hungry and I said very and he says alright and we start heading over to a place to eat lunch. We drive for a while and end up heading over to UBC. He said he's taking me to try a place that he used to frequent when he went to school there.

- that's a first - I think because people on the first date chooses a neutral setting. Not somewhere they used to frequent or now do. Why? Hmm why is that? Oh because if the date becomes an utter fail. No-one can stalk the other at their favorite spot.

We go into this little restaurant on UBC called Omio Restaurant. It sits at a small corner between shops in a small complex of shops with Starbucks right across from it. As Im pretty indecisive when it comes to eating at somewhere new, I ask him to order me something good and we take a seat to talk. When our food was done he brought it to the table, it was better tasting than it looked, that's for sure. It was in the midst of it when someone walked by from behind me and dropped a package letter onto the table they had entered from one entrance and left out another. ( at this point I wonder what was happening - I even thought if I was witnessing a drug deal drop off ) The next thing I know is that his phone rings and he slides his phone over to me and I pick it up.

"Hello?" I said.
A voice on the other side speaks fast, and the noise around me in the restaurant makes it difficult for me to make out everything he's saying.
"You do not know who I am. Nor should you question it. I do not much have much time. There's no doubt you've been conned into a day of mystery. Did you not think that it was already off given your date hasn't told you a single thing? What did you expect? Your date believes his dreams to be something special. You have both been talking about dreams. And now you've fallen to become a part of his memory. Dreams are made up of cognitive images from the mind. They are often not understood and do not necessarily mean anything. But they're interesting. Consider this, did you ever consider his check-ins on Thursday night after his game of squash? He covered the majority of this area in short time. Why?
Most people do not have control of their dreams and according to what you have told him, you often don't either. I would suggest to you to play along and see what you can unravel in this short time. Over the course of this dream, you will venture into key areas of his mind. Areas that he may have forgotten and places that he has recently been. Inside is his first memory. "

I read a piece of paper that B- pulled out out of a letter envelope. He placed it before me so I read it as I ate. It was a scavenger hunt! With the next location on the note.
Date#1 - The Journey Starts With Clue.1

The fifteenth day. #15.1
#Omio Restaurant

This isn't the greatest restaurant. He knows that. And now you do too. But not everything in his life was perfect. This place was either too salty, with an overfill of sauce that wasn't really that good. But, nonetheless you have appeared here today as this place was a five year segment of his life. He frequented this restaurant as it was "good value" student grub; he came here every week and became a regular. He was known as "guy" - just like every other guy - as in "hey guy, what you want today?" Even the staff typically knew he did not want mushrooms on his dish. Eventually he even learned to order dishes that did not contain mushrooms.

The next place you want to go is West Parkade. There will be another package for you to uncover on the top floor. Your guide will take you there.

Yours very truly,
- The Narrator.

I'm still very much in the state of - "what's going on?!" as we finish lunch and head out to drive to the next location since the next clue was at a parking lot roof top. We parked the car and walked together up the stairs all the while asking each other questions learning more about one another.

Clue - 2. Here I could not see it. You're looking for something that was hidden in a sea of grey. He points in a general direction and says ... "I think it's over there" ... Lol I know that may defeat the whole purpose of the scavenger hunt but it was so I didn't fall behind on the schedule. In this clue I found an American dollar bill. With my clue. It tells me of a location of where to find my next clue by a place close to a waterfall.
DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.2

The fifteenth day. #15.2
#West Parkade

For a good portion of his time here, he often parked here as his classrooms were literally 10 meters away. Do you see that building? That's called Swing Space. It was a horrible building, often very stuffy with lots of fruit flies.

He often frequented the roof top of this parkade at night. This is one of the best parkades to star-gaze on a clear night. There are few lights surrounding and it's higher up than most visible lights around it. He also took an astronomy course that taught him to point out constellations in the night sky. I'm sure in the real world, he will take you back here to do exactly that - one day.

Why did you find a green? US dollars were an essential part of his life. They still are. I'm sure you'll make good use of it today.

The next place you want to go is where near the just North of here where the water falls. I cannot give you a name of the place, because I never knew myself. It's near a Native Indian cultural centre. The next package is under some rocks near the stairs.

Yours very truly,
- The Narrator.

note: each clue I find also has some information about my date. And the specific location he hid each clue. So each clue had their own story in them.
Date#1 - Scavenger Hunt - RandomDate#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Random 2
We head on over to the next location... Along the way a wooden structure catches my eye. My natural curiosity wonders what it is and I ask B- ... I don't think he really answered my question but I remember asking him if he thought I could climb it. I think he said something on the lines that I would probably slip and die in the process of trying. Hahahaha. As we stood there I heard a sound - and we walk on over to it. It was a waterfall! And then B- said my next clue was here. *thinking* What really?! - it was natural instinct that told me to stop and question this structure too! - I open up the last clue again and read it. At this point I'm praying that I focus as I read it because I was having a case of A.D.D. - We head on down the stairs and I walk a little towards the waterfall.
DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.3 SearchDATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.3 Search
The clue says the rocks and by the stairs but I looked and walked around and couldn't see anything. He had to jump in again! Lol- he stood filming close to where the clue was and pointed down to a pile of stones. He says ..."what's this that looks like a pile of stones" - seriously! - that whole area looked like random piles of stones.
DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.3 Search

The fifteenth day. #15.3
#??? That waterfall place

He used to walk down Lower Mall often to get to the Asian Studies centre. Quite often he would find someone to chill with at this waterfall place as it was typically out of the way from a lot of people. Many people didn't come here and it was quiet. He could confide in his problems here without anything written. He enjoys talking to people. He enjoys talking to you. Perhaps you two could talk here one day too. There weren't many places like this.

You found a pair of gloves. Hopefully you're not allergic to this material. I made sure I provided these gloves since they're supposed to be allergy-free. You will need them later on in your trip. You're going to be sticking your hands in pretty disgusting places.

You won't be going to the Asian Studies Centre because really - there's nothing there. And it's locked today. So the next package is at the Rose Garden. Check all the benches there. It's bound to be on one of them.

Yours very truly,
- The Narrator.

DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.3
We soon head on over to the Rose Garden. I remember being there a few years back and told B- about it. He then asks if I ever came across this circular formation small structure that seemed to be a central point of four paths. He jumps up onto the circular stage like structure and reaches his hand down to me to help me up. He tells me to stand in the center above a small brass looking semi circle that is in the middle of the platform. He tells me that during University they would hold events here and use the platform as a mini stage. As I stood on top of it and spoke, a strange echo appeared. I had noticed when we walked up to the platform that surrounding the circular platform were concrete rounded benches.
DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Random 4
We move and reach a place next to the rose garden.

Clue - 4
As we got to the bottom of the steps to a small cleared area next to the rose garden near where a building entrance sat. I believe that B- gave the clue that the clue maybe in the bushes...I quickly start walking close along the bushes and spot it. A part of me hope it was and reached in with my bare hands in between the branches to fetch the clue.
DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.4

The fifteenth day. #15.4

#The Rose Garden

This is where he graduated. It was not a happy day for him. Do you know why? Maybe it's a question you should ask him when you wake up tomorrow. He never really came here until last year - far after the fact of finishing school. He was studying here for two weeks last summer. It was probably one of the greatest summers of his life. Perhaps this summer will be even better. Even I don't know that yet. I only know the past - not the future.

You see the man there selling roses by the bench? You will need to buy one. The problem is, he only accepts Canadian dollars (which makes a whole lot of sense). See if you can bargain with him. If you cannot, perhaps you'll need to exchange it somewhere.

The next location is at Koerner Library basement. You will need to find the stair path by what used to be Main Library. It has now been named as the LK Barber Learning Centre.

Yours very truly,
- The Narrator.

The clue then advises me that I need to head over to the rose garden and buy a rose from a man selling roses. Cause I will need it later on. It also says to bargain with him but then in my mind I was thinking I don't think I have any change in him. I knew what I had but I don't think it was practical but if I needed it.

As we walked into the rose garden, B then thought - "why buy a rose when you could just pick one?!"
"I know!" I said as I laughed cause I was thinking the same thing as I looked around the garden. Then soon B- points to a stranger sitting in the bench saying it was the rose man. The man gets up. He had sunglasses on so it was difficult to see his face.
"Hello Mr. Rose Man" I said, "how much for a rose?!"
"a dollar," he says .
I scrounge through my wallet and remembered I had left my coin purse in the car. I then asked if he had change. Then soon I blurted out the most ridiculous offer..."I'll give you ten dollars for the rose!" - Hey! The clue said I needed to get the rose for later. Quickly B- stops me, and blocks the rose man ( who is his friend ) from receiving the moment and said "thanks, rose man, we'll see you later." and B- begins to drag me out of the area. And I follow him to the next location.
DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Random 5DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Random 6
We past a bunch of campus buildings and some I don't remember what they were called. Then there was an old library building of which he told me a ghost story about. The clock tower where people choose to suicide off of. We walk down a set of stairs that lead to this open grassy area. It looked very Jurassic Park. Like a compound engulfed by the plants around it. I was going to wander into the tall grass looking for the clue but I think B- advised me to stay away from the tall grass and stick to the bushes. There I soon see a letter and a small white box.
DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.5
I fetch it from the bushes. Open up the letter and read.

The fifteenth day. #15.5
#Koerner Library Basement Outside

He spent a good amount of time here, checking out girls. Yes - this is where they all go. But he wasn't the only guy doing this. This library was packed and for a good reason I suppose. That's on the inside I suppose.

On this outside grassy area, he took a whiz here some late night in 2006 after coming back from the Science Bzzr Garden. I'm sure it's all soaked into the grass by now. I thought you should know that all guys - like dogs, pee everywhere.
You will need this box in fulfilling your journey. Take it with you
Your next spot is the sixth floor of North Parkade. You should probably take the west entrance as that's the closest way up.

Yours very truly,
- The Narrator.

DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.6DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.6
It wasn't soon after we went to our next location, he points out to me the dorm and buildings where people went to go get laid. Hmmmm how disgusting I thought. We reach the north parkade we went up the stairwell to the top and I started to look for a clue. I saw a box like thing next to a large concrete slab but when I stood - ten feet from It it was just a small cement block. I said out loud that's the only thing I see up here and thought that was the clue but it does look like it... He advised me to look closer... I walk up and behind the small block was an envelope between it and the large slab. I'm starting to think I should go with gut. I rip open the letter and read.

The fifteenth day. #15.6
#North Parkade

This was the first parkade he parked in. Why the sixth floor? By the time he arrived at school, floors one to four were full. And he never parked on fifth because it was on the other side which required more walking (he isn't exactly that lazy, but...). It was the closest parkade at you are literally at the heart of campus. From here you should probably head to the roof top.

When you get up there, you may want to do something that doesn't really make much sense. But this is a dream and dreams aren't supposed to. Put your "green" into the box that you received at Koerner Library and throw it off the roof. You will need to throw it towards the Student Union Building (if in doubt, ask your guide). Make sure you hear the clunk of the box.

Head towards the east stair case and head towards the Student Union Building

Yours very truly,
- The Narrator.

DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.6
I soon look through my clue envelopes and shuffling through them up at the sun ( I probably looked like a crazy person ) I was looking for the most darkest one because the bill would automatically be thinker than the other notes. I find the one with the America dollar. I put it in the box. Took a picture and closed up the box. I put away the other clues that I didn't need and walked to the ledge of the building. Soon B- tells me not to throw it off the edge that I was on. "wait! Don't throw it off that side! Security might see you!" and he soon looked for a side of the building that was okay to do this. I walk on over to another ledge and look down. I tell B- that all I saw were bushes. I didnt feel very comfortable throwing off a paper box and dollar bill in an act that feels like littering. He leads me to another part and told me to aim for the stair well for the box to go. I asked if he was sure and he said yes. I aim and throw. Soon I was told another clue was here and he points and says.. Look what's that?!
DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt -  Clue.7
B- makes some remark saying wasn't it amazing how guys could see somethings girls can't. He was standing in such a Boss position that made me laugh. I open the letter and read.
DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.7DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.7
Along with the clue was a Canadian dollar bill.

The fifteenth day. #15.7
#North Parkade - Part II/Rose Garden Revisited

At this point, you probably had another WTF moment. But hey look, you have Canadian currency now. Why not head back to the Rose Garden and speak with the Rose man?

After fulfilling this journey, continue your way back to the Student Union Building. You will probably need to look at the Notice Board in the downstairs basement.

Yours very truly,
- The Narrator.

We walk Back towards the other side of the parkade - the opposite side. The side which we came from. I was checking out the Canadian bill. I said to B- that I felt he had awesome friends to help him do all this today. And then I kept on looking at the bill- it has been a few years since I last saw one of these. It was pretty cool. B- then said - "next thing you know you don't want the rose. You want to keep the Canadian dollar." I smirked and said, "maybe" with a small laugh. We continue on our way and soon B- said , "oh look! who's that?!" ... I looked up when we reached the other side on a concrete slab- sitting was the rose man! I laughed out loud, I said hello and said I finally got a dollar to buy the rose. I give him the dollar bill and then he was looking at it. Saying it was ancient! I agreed! He handed me the rose, I said thank you and we went on our way.
DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.7
Heading to the Student Union Building and since my next clue was on a bulletin board my eyes went really big when I walked into the building. There was a whole wall down a hallway that was a large bulletin board that covered with fliers. I thought I could never find the clue!
DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt -  Clue.8DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt -  Clue.8
DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.8
But B- lead me to a small strip area and generalized where the envelope was pinned. I looked right away and could not see anything. He soon hints that it's covered. I search closer and soon I start looking for layered fliers that look thick around the edges. I find it and get a little excited. I rip open the letter and read.

The fifteenth day. #15.8
#The Student Union Building - Part I

You probably entered from the North entrance. I was hoping you would. He never used this board in his life, but walked past it on Thursday and thought it would be a great place to post a note to you. Behind you are offices now. It used to be a giant arcade where he spent the first year on campus playing Drummania, DDR, Time Crisis and Counter Strike - yes all those classic games. It's a shame they renovated it. On your right side (if you're still looking at this board) is the cafeteria. He used to buy chocolate milk all the time at the Deli. Your guide likes chocolate milk too. It's likely your guide will stop in to get two for the journey.

You need to head upstairs somehow. You'll find some couches where he used to pass out on. Luckily he never got robbed here and sometimes found himself here the next morning. You will need to search those couches well. I would recommend putting on those gloves.

Yours very truly,
- The Narrator.

DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.9DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.9
We soon head over to this area where I think we passed once before because I had to go Pee. So we returned there and soon I was searching for a clue in dirty stained couch cushions. I wondered why I needed the gloves for. B- then tells me that sometimes the homeless would come in and sleep on the couches and leave before school started or what not. Yeah they were pretty disgusting. It was difficult to pull up and even to push them back into place after I had tried looking for the clue. There was a girl sitting on the far side probably there studying and looking at me like I was a crazy person pulling up all the cushions from the sofas - but I was determined to find this clue. It so happened to be under the very last cushion I decided to look under. The place looked like a disaster after I was done with it. I tried to push back what I could.
DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.9
I rip open the clue and read.

The fifteenth day. #15.9
#The Student Union Building - Part II

He spent a lot of his time in this building. Both for pleasure and administratively. He was in charge of the entire finance and cash budget for the UBC Golf Club and therefore handled tonnes of paper work. Of course, these couches back then were really dirty. They must have been replaced within the last three years. Although, it's questionable as to how I know this.

There are no more items at this point. But, there's a lot more scenery before you get to the last part of the dream.

You need to head to the bookstore. You will likely find the next clue under one of the tables. If there aren't any tables there today, you may have to look in the bushes.

Yours very truly,
- The Narrator.

DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.10
We walk on over to the bookstore. He points out there are two. The discount, and the school book store. He tells me about how he used to peddle books and what not. My eyes light up again because of the amount of tables there were outside the bookstore. I soon started looking for it like a crazy person. looking under all the tables and of course it turns out to be the one furthest in and last one I look under.
DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.10DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.10
The clue I found read...

The fifteenth day. #15.10

#The Book Store

This place is literally how he paid for living expenses and tuition. Every student had to find a means of living. He did not have a job during school except for that small frame of time when he was at Future Shop. He bought books. Stored huge amounts of inventory in lockers across campus and sold them to whoever needed - at a higher price of course. He learned this was generally riskless. He generally bought books from at discounted prices, entered the Book Store, and found students who needed to buy particular books.

There is an area by the Astronomy Building, near the engineering "E" on Main Mall. Under one of the benches in a clue to your next location. You're almost there!

Yours very truly,
- The Narrator.

YEAH the clue was not where it said it would be because that day my guide discovered the massive construction that was going on so had to hide it somewhere else. He gave me a large degree of area to search for my next clue but eventually I had to ask for the HOT and COLD game to see if I was getting warmer to the clue or not. I end up finding the clue in some tall green grass on the lawn of the horticulture building. I asked for a horticulture building the grass and plants don't seem to be well maintained. What's going on?
DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.11

The fifteenth day. #15.11
#Astronomy Building

This area is also great for star gazing at night. He frequented this area when he brought lunch to school during the warmer months. It was also near a Starbucks where he used to order London Fogs until Starbucks branded the London Fog as their own and added $2 on top of it. Jerks.

He always thought of this place as being special. The lay out of this area kind of has a serene feeling as there's no one around. The benches, the lack of objects in the area is a bit surreal.

Your last location is on Wreck Beach. The entrance to Wreck Beach is across from Vanier Residence, and about 200 steps below the path way. To be honest, I've lost the last clue in the sand somewhere. You'll need to find it. You should look for something on the South side of the beach near the rocks that doesn't seem fitting on sand. You enter from the east of the beach.

Yours very truly,
- The Narrator.

At this point since the next clue is at the beach, we returned to the car and change our shoes. Before the date, B- had advised me to bring a pair of sandals. And the sandals was what I changed into.
DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.12
So did he. We head on down from the parkade to the beach. I had never been to Wreck beach before this day. This date just keep feeling a bit .. refreshing. I was surprised though as we made our way there the amount of people that there was heading down these 400 steps to this beach. It is here where I hooked my arm onto his as in case I didn't fall / slip. Cause if and when I did, I would take him and a whole bunch of hundreds down with me. ( I'm just kidding ). Once I got the bottom. It's just filled with people on the sand few feet from one another. All naked. I have to be honest. I was intimidated, I felt as though all the naked art studies I've ever done came back to haunt me all at once... so many naked bodies... and not one I could sketch. So it didn't feel right looking anywhere. One reassurance was that when we reached the sand was when B- started to hold my hand (+1) as I started to sink into the sand as I walked. It was pretty horrible. I felt like I wanted kick off my sandals and just walked barefoot so I wouldn't be kicking sand up at myself. But you couldn't because there were little bits and pieces of wood on the sand as well. The clue I was looking for was one I could not go and dig for in the sand. There were more than expected people around where the clue was bury and it was right next to a pee station. WHY would my date choose to bury a clue here. I have no idea, so he pulled an extra copy of the clue from his bag. [ smart I say, to have back up plan clues in your back pack mr. guide.] I'm figuring just in case someone came along and took a clue I guess. Well I rip open the clue, and read it.
DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.12

The fifteenth day. #15.12
#Wreck Beach

There is a man near the rocks starring at the sea. The man has realized it was his fault for the end of his last love. He seeks forgiveness, but cannot begin searching for what he needs to do. She on the other hand wishes for an everlasting friendship. Perhaps there is something you can do to intervene.
When you have done what you can, return up the steps and towards West Parkade. Your journey is near an end. Return to the car at West Parkade to return to your reality.

Yours very truly,
- The Narrator.

We searched for the man on the rocks that looked out at the sea, together we walked back and fourth along the beach a few times ... B- texted him. and his reply was that he was late. The man on the rocks was late. but then eventually we found him.
Here is the awkward part. I knew I could not just walk up and sacrifice the rose I got without saying anything . I did and I don't quite remember what I said something along the lines that he finds forgiveness and I gave him the rose. We move on as others around us were wondering why I just did that. From there we return to the car. and sitting on the passenger seat was a last note with a red rose.
DATE#1 - Scavenger Hunt - Clue.13
I think at some point I said.. "wWhhhaaattt.??? .... HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!" .. in shock and amazement.

I open up the car door, sat down in the seat and opened the envelope and it read...

The fifteenth day. #15.13
#West Parkade

I've decided to return your rose as I've found what I've needed to do with my life. Unfortunately, I lost the rose you have given to me earlier. I've taken the courtesy to replace it with one of different colour. I'm sure it's more suiting for your life right now.

Thank you.

- Man at the Beach
P.S.: I hope your guide did a good job today.

My Guide did an awesome job! and I rewarded him with a hug. He gives me a big hug as well and picks me up a little off the ground. (+1) I love how creative this date was (+50)... when it all ended it was only 4:30 - a bit early. We soon hit the beach - Jericho beach to be exact. There were cars that were parked illegally as we went there that were in the process of being towed at the side of the road.
DATE#1 - Beach TimeDATE#1 -  Beach Time
But where we went we - found and parked beside a park and walked to the beach, when we got there we simply sat and talked for a few hours soaking up the sun.
DATE#1 -  Beach Time
It was a little past 7 when we left the beach, and we headed out for dinner. On the way back to the car from the beach we actually had forgotten the direction we had came from, a little walk around the block and with a bit of guessing - we were able to find the car.

It was getting late and we were both getting hungry so B- wanted to take me to a Sushi restaurant in Steveston but when we arrived there it was closed to the fact it was a holiday. We walked around for a bit after parking. I saw something in the window of a shop which was perfect advice. -
DATE#1 - Dinner Time
A Greek place was open. I asked if he liked Greek food, he said he Loved it! so we ended up going there after scoping out online what it was rated. Captain Georges Taverna - was where we ended up eating some great Greek food! and having some more great conversations :)
DATE#1 - Dinner TimeDATE#1 - Dinner Time
DATE#1 - Dinner Time
DATE#1 - Dinner TimeDATE#1 - Dinner Time

The night ended with him driving me home, walking me to the door, a kiss on the cheek and hug for an awesome date.

I don't think anything as romantic and creative has happened to me on a date. I felt very special at the end of it all.

I went to sleep.... and the next morning I woke up and went back to the normal daily grind... back to reality.

P.S. - This thing took me forever to blog - what a crazy day it was! Happy August!
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