Sunday, August 07, 2011

Give Me The Stars

I spend the morning with him. Him lounging on the couch. Later in the day I decide to walk CC. This was a bad idea. I had forgotten how much I dislike walking him now. He's old. He can't keep up or walk as fast anymore but not only that he still has his old bad habit of wanting to stop at every tree, big bolder, or lamp post. Tries to pee on everything when he has no more pee to pee with. He makes it down to the park and he's already tired.

Juice King Star Jelly
When I was at the park I soon I get a text message from my god brother Chris that he is to swing by and pick up his panda plush that I had repaired and washed. He asks me what kind of BBT I would like and does a trade for it. I asked for Mango. Cause you can never go wrong with Mango. Until you find out that it's the unnatural one. We all know the best BBT is the one made with fresh fruit. If you didn't know that, well now you know. I had never had BBT from Juice King before one thing I haven't seen is the stars in my BBT. That made me go ... wow! Gary
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