Wednesday, January 03, 2018

This is Blue.

This is Blue.
He is a Canadian Black bear that has a secret which is now being aired out for the world to see. He's a little surprised because we caught him on laundry day.

He was first created in 2006 and was recently reworked. T-shirts of him are now available for purchase at

Monday, January 01, 2018

10 Things to remember that happened in 2017

  1. There is a mouse!
    I saw a mouse, I think brushed up against my foot X|
  2. Sold the first place we owned.
    The condo B- and I first bought together was placed onto the market for sale-and it eventually sold.
  3. Bought a house and moved to another city.
    With our condo sold we bought our first home and moved from Burnaby to a new city.
  4. I Am Creative Canada - established..
  5. Built 'THE BOOTH'. Our photo booth that is.
    Just spend the money and dedicate time to build something beautiful!
  6. Alaska - Cruise. I was beary excited to see all the bears. Day 5/7
    The toilet exploded at 5am, the room flooded.  Our room got upgraded.
  7. Finally I got the cake I wanted.
    Husband got me a cake I always wanted - for our big day - but a smaller version for my birthday :)
  8. I got braces - tell no one!
    I got braces just before my birthday... in late September. 
  9. Illustration Project: No Porridge No Rice.
    I've been drawing and illustrating goldfishes and have had vector graphics of the cute and wonderful. It is simply time put it all together to create something that is Canadian and Asian and super cute!
  10. Roulette is way slower at losing your money then the slot machines.
    Discovering how to play roulette and how much slower it is at losing your money then at a slot machine. It feels like a surprise to spend 4$-5$ and 18$. Perhaps this is the game to play instead of the slots.